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established in 2004, its holding subsidiary shanghai steel exchange center is mainly engaged in the online business on the medium and longterm contract of steel physical goods, concurrently running the trading of steel physical goods. currently it has been developed into the benchmark enterprise in the electronic steel marketplace.

zmmc is dedicated to designing domestic leading "zhejin steel" client app which is the third-party mobile internet platform of steel logistics. the informations on steel supply and demand, quotations, warehouse and transportation service are released through the smart mobile terminal such as mobile phone, ipad to provide business contact and information service to the platform members. this client app has obtained the 沙龙官网 copyright protection from the national 沙龙官网 copyright administration of china and been awarded top 10 of 2013 zhejiang province third-party e-business platform, which is in the lead among the mobile internet application of steel logistics industry.

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