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  • year 2013

    invsetment & financing operation department was founded to explore the field of integrated industrial- finance.

  • year 2012

    successully bid for 86 key projects sections (78 of them are national level).

  • year 2011

    holding company zhejiang materials industry group became the first enterpise which enters into fortune global 500 list in zhejiang province;

  • year 2010

    sales revenue for the first time exceeds rmb50 billion.

  • year 2009

    zhejiang zhejin e-commerce co., ltd. was founded; successully bid for 19 key projects such as hangzhou subway, xiangshan harbor bridge, ningbo subway, hangzhou-ningbo railway.

  • year 2008

    entrusted zhejiang materials industry senhua group corporation, engaging in timber business.

  • year 2007

    driving the supply chain service of steel, marine and non-ferrous product by reginonalization operation and intensifying management.

  • year 2006

    awarded as “2005 top 10 enterprises of metal circulation”.

  • year 2005

    after building the first zhejin subsidiary company, zmmc gradually established a sales network branded with “zhejin steel” and implemented the chain operation management.

  • year 2004

    after the acquisition and restructure of zhejiang materials and petrochemical co., ltd, zmmc was involved in the line of oil products trading. shanghai steel exchange center was established;

  • year 2003

    after the restructure, the company changed the name as zhejiang metals and materials company. 

  • year 2002

    project distribution department was built.

  • year 2001

    listed in “top 500 of china import & export enterprises”.

  • year 2000

    the idea of performance and effective measurement was firstly proposed.

  • year 1999

    holiday inn hangzhou opened

  • year 1998

    huzhou conference,regarded as “zunyi conference” in company history, was held. at the meeting, the viewpoint of“preventing and controlling operation risk”was considered as an essential factor of administration and assessment.

  • year 1996

    construction of “zhejin plaza” started.

  • year 1995

    listed in“top 500 of stated-owned enterprises”.

  • year 1992

    zhejiang materials real estate development company and other subsidiary companies were established.

  • year 1989

    the sales revenue reached rmb 1billion at the first time.

  • year 1963

    zhejiang company of china metals & materials, as the forerunner of zhejiang metals & materials co., was founded.

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